Fabrics defining trends


With utmost grit and excellent managerial skills, Ramnik Gada has emerged as an apt forerunner, managing numerous tasks, ensuring efficient execution.

His over 45 years of colossal experience in the field of textiles, right from manufacturing of fabrics, to TFO'S, warping and marketing and a lot more, has been a catalyst in raising the bar of perfection.

His boundless insights into the business have enabled the company to being where it stands today, having experienced overwhelming growth trajectory resoundingly since inception.


The farsighted - Kantilal Gada, with his wealth of experience and knowledge, has given the major chunk of 40 years of his life, ever since he founded R. K. Textiles.

His valuable contributions have been the mainstays of the business largely, assuring fertile, incremental growth every year. The kernel sown by him have immanently burgeoned and spawned opportunities for the younger generation to take the baton forward with utmost success.

Although there’s no respite for a visionary, yet he devotes more time realizing his compassion for social work and causes, also towards animal shelter activities, besides being a guiding force for the company


After graduating in commerce, Nitin Gada’s inculcation to join the family business proved to be as much fructuous. His experience appeared crucial in developing the Shirting product range category.

His over a decade and a half experience reflects his overture to turn the dynamics of marketing advantages for the company; he has been a harbinger in implementing and penetrating into the market products with a holistic approach.


Pankit Gada, an absolute enthusiast with well-entrenched cognizance of the business and market, has been a proactive facilitator in accelerating the specifics with newer facets.

An MBA by qualification, he joined the firm immediately after he post-graduated, having specialised in marketing. His entry added value to the family enterprise. He took the onus of R & D of the organisation, apart from supporting marketing, production and finance departments for over 8 years now.


Downright action oriented, emphatically focused, Jinit Gada set out to explore innovative ways to infuse new-fangled ideas and strategies to augment, which gave phenomenal results to the firm in many ways.

He has been heading the finance and accounting departments for over 10 years, and has proved his mettle to have propelled finances of the firm substantially over the years.

His contributions to the company’s growth have been significant, ever since he joined, after he passed out as a Bachelor of Commerce.


Ardent slant of proving his perseverance and abilities, Rumit Gada, after attaining his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, joined the family enterprise.

His entrepreneurial prowess was evident in his approach ever since he joined the business. He swung in full arc to contribute to the firm for over a decade, heading the Shirting & Voile fabric department.