Fabrics defining trends


It comprises 67/33 Blend PC Fabric, with a vast range of up to 45 colours for varied tastes and preferences. These are piece dyed products to suit preferences.


This is 55/45 PC Blend Fabric that ranges into 64 various colours. The entire range is an exclusively categorised collection, with perfectly designed styles for office and casual wear.


It is an enormous range of 55/45 PC Blend Fabric, with varied designs to meet countless choices. Also, exclusive White colour is as much available in the range, specifically to meet office or formal wear preferences.


The entire range is an elegant spectacle of aesthetically stunning look and feel of Oxford Fabric. It is amply apt for institutional attires viz. School, office and formal wear.


The look and feel is all about opulence and classy appearance of Satin, as in quality, too. The fabric in flexibility is beyond compare for its stretchable advantage, thanks to the high quality Lycra being used in it. Besides, the magnificent sheen finish is absolutely mesmerising. Items a multipurpose wear specifically, and suitable for office attire, party wear, and as much for casual wear and to suit several tastes of hues, it ranges in various colours.


This is ethnically a Twill Fabric with 100% Cotton. The range comprises numerous colours for choice and selection, and has widespread admiration for its Tensil.


Extreme finesse ranging in 100% Fine Cotton, 80s Cotton collection is a Twill Fabric with 100% Cotton. The adoring softness in feel is from the natural excellence of the yarn. For countless choices, they are available in various colours.


The very fabric is picked vastly for its uniqueness of 2 tones effect in one fabric, which is an inherent cynosure, in entirety. Moreover, its 100% cotton Lyocel, exclusively for casual wear, as its elegance lies in its predominant minimalist classiness.


Succeeding in varied Fabric and clothing options we have in the offing to meet even the countlessly untold preferences of style, designs, patterns, colours and creativity aesthetics that customers worldwide are privy to, and are entitled to access and possessing, we pose ourselves to challenges of meeting the most unprecedented and complex choices ever. This has enabled us to garner finesse and distinction in Women's clothing, providing ultimate daintiness and sumptuousness in look & feel and quality of the texture in the Fabrics.

Voile Fabric is yet another bravura collection in the women's clothing range, and it has got acceptance worldwide as one of the finest all over. The range is ethnically a 2/100 X 2/100 High Twist Cotton Gas Yarn Fabric, exclusively created for women across the globe, based on research on their fashion sense, styles, quality predilections, grandeur in the appearance of the quality, largely. There are numerous concepts available in the range viz. Plain looking fabric, Leno, Dobby, Gold Zari, Checks and so on.